The company EMA-LION Kft. is basically involved in the production of enamelled kitchenware used for cooking, frying and auxiliary operations. Since 1981, the enamelled utensils can be coated with various Teflon® systems ( Classic, Platinum). Cookwares (casseroles, deep casseroles) can be provided with metal, while sautepans can be equipped with plastic long handles. Various types of lids are available. Enamelled metal lids can be provided with plastic knobs and finger protector¸ or with plastic knobs and stainless steel finger protector. Glass lids with stainless steel rim are mounted with stainless steel knobs and finger protectors. (The various types of lids are listed in the table called summary of cookware ranges.)

The external body of the utensil can be single coloured, shaded, or decorated. Each design (type of lid; type of side handles; type of body; external body coating applied such as single coloured, shaded, or decorated; internal coating applied such as enameled or Teflon? coates; side handle or long handle) is identified by separate article numbers. Standard articles are included in our product catalogue with their article numbers and colour photographs.

For orders above a certain (minimal) number of items in the view of the product and the exact design, the exact article numbers will also be given together with the price quotation.

Our wholesales agencies possess stock of most of the items presented in our e-catalogue, respectively they will accept orders and will dispatch the goods to the delivery address indicated.